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Christopher A. Kryzan

Executive manager with unique expertise in building new businesses from nothing, or less. Strong background and personal experience in managing marketing, product development and engineering teams. Available for strategic, business and marketing consulting in high-technology segments.

  • Building businesses from the ground up
  • Transforming neglected businesses into strong profit makers
  • Creating strong, unique, long-lasting brand identities
  • Creating products that excite people to buy
  • Destroying competition

As a business and marketing consultant, Christopher Kryzan brings 35 years of experience in marketing, sales, engineering, general management, and entrepreneurial ventures.

His academic background includes a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Northwestern University and a Masters Degree in Business Administration from University of Santa Clara.

Starting at Hewlett-Packard in 1979, Mr. Kryzan spent the next seven years in a variety of roles, where among his accomplishments he includes developing the company's business strategy and market entry for network support services. Later, in his role as marketing manager for the Vectra line of personal computers, he was responsible for product definition, business and marketing plans, and a successful launch of the product into retail distribution. Introduced in 1985, the Vectra line of personal computers remains to this day a key part of HP's business products offering.

In 1986, Christopher Kryzan joined Wyse Technology, with the charter to define and implement a business strategy for their entry into the personal computer market. Within three years, he helped grow Wyse's personal computer lines in two-step distribution from a standing start into more than a $250 million a year business, achieving Number 5 in market share. He later assumed responsibilities for Wyse's retail brand, Amdek, as National Sales Manager.

Mr. Kryzan joined SuperMac Technology in mid-1990 where he was responsible for all aspects of product marketing for color graphics cards, large-screen color displays, digital video products, and color printers. He and his organization helped SuperMac to achieve a Number 1 market share position in both 24-bit color graphics and digital video, establishing SuperMac as the brand of choice among publishing and video production professionals.

Christopher Kryzan was later named General Manager of the E-Machines Division, a company purchased by SuperMac in early 1993. Within five months, he turned a money-losing operation into one of the most successful business units within the company, with more than 250% growth in revenues and profit margins in the mid 30% range, significantly exceeding targets. By targeting mail-order firms and computer superstore with this value-oriented brand, E-Machines quickly displaced several leading competitors, jumping overnight in market share.

After leaving SuperMac in 1994, he has gone on to launch ventures in mail-order merchandising, direct marketing, and marketing using the World Wide Web, and provided business and marketing consulting services for a wide range of clients in high-technology and consumer marketing.

In March 1996, Mr. Kryzan joined Sonic Solutions as Vice President of Marketing; in May 1998 he gained responsibility for the company's engineering activities and in January 1999 was named Senior Vice President of Marketing and Engineering. During his tenure, he has successfully led the company into market dominance of all sectors of the DVD production business, with a 90%-plus market share in professional DVD authoring and more than a 95% share of consumer DVD production. Today, the company's products are used to create almost all commercial DVD titles, its consumer offerings are bundled with more than 60 software, PC and peripheral OEM products, and its technology licensed by the leading software and consumer electronics firms, including Microsoft, Sony and Adobe.

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